What is Celtic Christianity?

Tracing a pattern through time, the Celts weave a story of inspiration through the life of the Church.

Some of the earliest beginnings of Christianity in Britain can be found within Celtic Christianity. As a spirituality it has blossomed within the past few decades as many seek to recapture the vision and dedication of those saints who trod the path of faith in northern Britain.

The Celtic church began in the 5th century from roots laid in Ireland. As it travelled through Scotland and on to England, under the leadership of saints like Patrick and Columba, it became a Christian movement, sensitive to its catholic roots, which transformed the landscape of those places it touched.

The transformational beliefs found in Christianity were taken by these pioneers and absorbed the cultures of those it encountered; becoming the rich source of prayer, art, poetry and pilgrimage known today as Celtic spirituality.

Inspiring the Church to see a deep communication between the Trinity. Emblems of nature and beauty combine in modern times to reveal the hidden and ancient truths uniting the God of Creation, God the Son, and the Spirit that flows between them.



Rules of Life and the commitment to serving others often form a foundation of ‘living out’ a Celtic spirituality. Those seeking an understanding of Celtic spirituality are invited to look at the lives of some communities (listed below) for examples.

Northumbria Community www.northumbriacommunity.org
Iona Community www.iona.org.uk
Community of St Aidan and Hilda http://aidanandhilda.org.uk/
Saint Columba's House www.stcolumbashouse.org.uk