Open Community

At the heart of the people of God is the willingness to be together.

From the inspiration of monastic community grew the desire of belonging to a ‘family’, while still providing a sense of being ‘in the world’. Where some, often monastic, communities remove themselves to quiet places to contemplate and provide for the world from a solitary place, some still desire that sense of ‘belonging’ while still being able to live out their faith with society.

Open communities (or dispersed communities) are those who come together under the banner of ‘common unity’, to provide that sense of family, but communicating so over long distances. So you may find a desire to spiritually join Christians in a sense of community, while perhaps not being able to physically join them; because of work or family commitments.

In these cases, dispersed communities exist so you can live and work in everyday life, while adopting the life and spirit of the community to which you are a member: perhaps a Rule of Life, or promises, which identify your membership to a particular community, instead of entering a single building in which you spend your life with others.

Open communities provide that same sense of belonging, while encouraging you to take it with you into your own life and apply it there ; in the hope your open membership will be seen as an encouragement to others to seek out God.

God’s children seek places where they can live together in peace. For some that does mean living, learning and working together, sometimes temporarily. But for others, it can simply mean living it in spirit, and taking it with you into the world.


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