We are all different. Each one of us born with unique characteristics. Things that set us apart from the crowd.

But sometimes it helps to truly understand those characteristics. To discover what it is that makes us unique; what makes us ‘tick’. Personality Types and/or Spiritual Pathways are methods of discovering those elements of our personalities which define who we are.

They help us discover why it is we prefer times of being alone, or why we feel invigorated by the company of others. Or why we are organised people, or spontaneous people, or both!

Along with these discoveries of who we are as people, Personality Type tests and Spirituality Pathways can invigorate our spiritual practice; to find ways of praying and talking to God that come naturally.

Ultimately, they can establish why we approach life in the ways we do, and how we learn about life’s pleasures, its sadnesses, its work and its play. And then we can use that help to apply it to those areas in life we find challenging, so we can begin to understand where we can improve our journey of life.


  • How can prayer become more natural?
  • Why is it some people seem to be more hard work than others?
  • Is this the understanding that’s been missing for so long?

Those feelings that time is spent endlessly searching for something can be opened up and searched out. Personality tests reveal the best things about us, and how we apply those things to everyday life. But they also assist in strengthening those aspects of ourselves which might need support.

Personality tests can not only help build us up as people by revealing our strengths and healing areas we find difficult, but they also offer better communication with others and God.



The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was a result of the desire to combat perceived ‘normal’ behaviour. Isabel Briggs Myers believed most of the world's human problems could be solved by simply better communication between people who understood one another more. The belief that we are all in possession of decent intentions means that, with proper insight, we can learn to avoid those conflicts that quickly spring up.

From a spiritual point of view, the type indicators show a willingness to approach spirituality, faith, and prayer in ways that help us as individuals learn what works for us and what doesn’t: do long silences make you feel uncomfortable; or is it that personal space which you crave? These questions can find some satisfaction from using Personality Type indicators to aid you on the personal journey towards wholeness with God.

Path Elements Profiling

The Path Elements Profile™ (PEP™) is a unique personality profiling tool which takes the four elements of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. These give a simple explanation of the four main personality types that people of all ages and abilities can visualise. As an individual it offers a guideline for finding the work you were born to do.

If used by a group, like a family for instance, everyone gets it, remembers it, and uses it, to provide your family or team with a helpful vocabulary for resolving conflict and maximising strengths. Every workshop causes wry smiles of recognition and amusement, and results in stronger teamwork.

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