Rule of Life

If you find life offers too many daily struggles, without much focus or feeling of accomplishment, a Rule (sometimes known as a ‘Rhythm’) of Life, or a ‘Pathway’, could help you put things in perspective.

A Rule can be anything: it can be adopted from a particular religious order (Franciscans, Northumbria Community) or it can be one you have constructed yourself, possibly with the help of a Spiritual Companion.

Central to a Rule, or Pathway, is the understanding that it is there to help our everyday lives. Like a trellis helps a vine or rose to grow, a Rule is there simply to offer the strength and support we may find we need in our lives to help us grow as individuals.

Help like giving ourselves time for a break! The need to devote time to those things that help us in life is part of a Rule. This could mean telling yourself to reserve time for prayer, time to be by yourself or with those you love, or simply a Rule that says you will spend ten minutes out of every day with a cup of tea and a chance to rest in thoughts of God.

But a Rule can also include those actions many find as add-ons to their lives but which you could find fulfilment: charity, for example.

Rules aren’t designed to be burdensome. Make them fun!


What about a Rule that sets you a challenge: to read something new or do something different. To visit that person you’ve always meant to or to dedicate a set time to family and friends. Or simply taking that half an hour out with a cup of tea to sit down and think about life, yourself and your relationship with God: anything where you can experience your spirituality in a way which is helpful.

Whatever you choose, Rules of Life are there to enhance, not diminish, life. They are there to remind us that we have responsibilities to God, to others, but also to ourselves.

So whatever you choose to do, enjoy…


Order of the Mustard Seed 
Northumbria Community