Spiritual Companionship


We all need someone to listen.

Spiritual companionship is the unique relationship of finding someone to trust, who can walk with you along life’s journey.

The most confidential friendship you will find is one where you can discuss your deepest thoughts and fears, about anything, aware the conversation is safe between you, God and your companion.

To share thoughts about life, and be heard, is rare these days. Hustle and bustle can distract us from asking the deep questions of life. To do that alone can be intimidating. To find someone to listen to, and who may be able to offer help and guidance, without judgement or agenda, or to simply be a presence, is vital for our experience as created beings.

Spiritual companions (sometimes called directors) are guides aware of areas of life which can be helped, encouraged or challenged, as you go along life’s journey. They provide safe and confidential places, and help you to walk with God in a way that works for you.

When you meet, ground-rules will be established to ensure your time is spent wisely and in a place where you feel able to communicate with, and about, those questions of life:


  • Where is God taking me?
  • What does this life hold for me?
  • Where can prayer flow more naturally?
  • How can I live life to its fullest?

The conversations you have will be directed by God’s Spirit. The guide is purely a friend who can offer what the Spirit might be saying to you in your unique situation.

Life offers both happy and difficult experiences and it can be necessary to feel able to release not only the tension those experiences might create, but to learn from them.

As with retreats, spiritual companionship can be the opportunity and space God is providing you with that maybe you were never aware of.  A space to not only truly find and be yourself, but to discover where life may be taking you.

Where and Who

Your local vicar will have access to Spiritual Companionship resources and be able to recommend you to the diocese for further information.


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