Seeking a place to let go of all that gets in the way.


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Taizé’s attraction is its atmosphere - a place where calm, music, rest and silence merge.

When you experience Taizé, you will find four interweaving strands:

  • A place to pray – the space to release yourself from the pressures of time
  • A place to sing, and to hear others singing – the space to enjoy sacred music and simple refrains
  • A place of quiet – the space of silence, and to feel the presence of God
  • A place of hearing – the space to find the wisdom of the people of God come alive.

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Taizé is simple. It takes as long or as little as you wish. There is no pressure to join in. There is only an invitation to the space. A space where you are invited to rest.

Taizé is a small village outside Cluny, in northern France. It began life as a centre of Christian pilgrimage in the Second World War, when Roger Louis Schutz-Marsauche abandoned a life of study in order ‘live’ out his Christianity.

By transforming a derelict building into a sanctuary for the discouraged and lonely, he provided many with a place to belong. His home became a shelter for refugees and word soon spread that a community was forming. Ten years after it began, fraternities existed in India, the Far East, Africa and the Americas.

Today Taize’s traditions of worship attract 5000 visitors a week. One hundred brothers live, work and worship there. Groups of young people regularly attend, living in the fields surrounding the Church of Reconciliation.

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Taize, France

St Elisabeth, Reddish