New Age


Christian spirituality holds mysteries for us we never expected.

There can be times in our lives when we struggle with familiar or traditional routes to spirituality. We can feel we have experienced all that is out there but still thirst for new challenges and insights to what God holds for us.

In these times ‘alternative’ forms of spirituality can fire our imaginations and bring us closer into knowing the infinite God.

Creative, energetic, life-filled forms of engaging with God can transport us to places we were previously unaware.

Similar to seeking new forms of prayer, seeking ‘alternative’ Christian spiritualities can be a light to our feet as we journey ever closer to a God who wants us to experience life in all its fullness.

The risk-taking God. The God unafraid to make life-changing decisions. The God who asks us to join that life-changing journey.


Discover Christianity through dance: of all kinds; ballet, hip-hop, theatre, and to recognise the Christian story can be encountered there.

Dance encourages newer expressions of worship and offers conferences and workshops run by national members to help you discover your own expression through dance.

Dance is colourful and expressive, using banners, flags and instruments to aid you in your discovery of this creative form of Christianity.


The opportunity to discover the creativity of art as both a release for yourself but also discovering how other Christians have visualised their faith.

Art has been at the heart of Christianity and its importance in telling the Christian story is embedded throughout history. Painting as an act of not only prayer but also a personal telling of your spirituality is one of the most encouraging discoveries of self-expression.


The opportunity to find the people of God expressing their thoughts, dreams, hopes and visions in literature.

Christianity and literature were born together. Christians first developed what we use today as books, and their link with Hebrew spirituality means Christian poetry has been born from the poetry of ancients.

Prayers have been used in poetry and developed for centuries. From poets like Claire of Assisi and Emily Bronte, love, pain God and spirituality have been evoked.


The ancient arts of Christian healing through prayer. This includes the practical applications of healing, including anointing and massage.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, healers pray over those who feel a need to be healed. This can be healing of all sorts: physical pain, pains of the heart: concerns and worries; and healing for situations such as relationship breakdown, concern for families and friends. All these can be aided by physical acts such as the laying on of hands or anointing, which help to embed the prayer in something tangible.

Mysticism and Prophecy

The history of Christianity is filled with those who have sought a deeper relationship with God; many finding direct experiences that have revealed the divine to them.
Perhaps you have felt an experience of heaven that has in some way touched your soul with a warmth and revelation of love. If you have, then perhaps your discovery of God is closer than you know.

Mysticism also includes the application of the Christian faith in accordance with ancient rites: prayer, the interpretation of dreams, the abilities of Christians to prophesy in the Spirit of God, the pursuit of justice through prophetic actions and also newer interpretations such as Jesus-deck reading.

Christian mysticism is the pursuit of the soul to find a higher and closer experience of God.


We live in an age of contrasts where people express a desire to be set free and yet are unknowingly oppressed through celebrity culture and its offshoots. Airbrushed models create an unhealthy, unnatural model of perfection which is far from reality, in a culture which is over-sexualised. Most people are dissatisfied with their appearance.

Some Christians have been exploring how accepting our bodies as they are can encourage self-respect, respect for others, and for the environment, and how individuals and society can discover the true image of God in our bodies and the freedom that can be experienced in Jesus Christ through the cross. Some of those Christians are exploring lifestyles and experiences in which a wholesome appreciation of self and others can be gained and how we can discover the true image of God in our bodies.


The encouragement for Christians to engage their spirituality and faith with the concerns of the world’s future. The genuine concern for the state of the world’s health is integral to many aspects of Christianity. The Church of England’s Five Marks of Mission recognises each individuals spiritual responsibility to care for the world God created.

Centred round the love God has for the created world, environmental Christianity encourages the discovery of ways to improve life through ‘green’ issues, but also to acknowledge it’s centrality to us as created beings.